Northern Ireland sticks with wine

December 17, 2012, 2:07 PM GMT+0

Plurality of Northern Ireland consumers continue drinking wine this Christmas despite many planning to spend less money this year, according to a YouGov survey of Northern Ireland respondents commissioned by

Almost half (49%) of the Northern Irish public say they will consume the same amount of wine over the Christmas period this year, even though a third (38%) of people plan to spend less money on Christmas than in 2011. Only 15% of people in Northern Ireland claim they will drink less wine this festive season.

  • A plurality (49%) of the Northern Irish public plan to consume the same amount of wine this Christmas, compared to 15% who will drink less wine and one in twenty (5%) who will consume more
  • Nearly four in ten (38%) people in Northern Ireland say they will spend less money this festive season, while 45% think they will spend about the same amount and 11% will spend more

Gender differences

The poll also reveals that the average wine drinker in Northern Ireland will spend £7.10 on a bottle of wine from a shop for Christmas day this year. However, there are gender differences, with men being more likely to buy a pricier bottle of wine than women.

  • A quarter (25%) of Northern Irish men are prepared to spend £8 or more on a bottle of wine for Christmas day, while only 18% of women will do the same

James Nicholson, Managing Director of Crossgar-based, said: “Although many consumers are having a rethink about their spending plans this year, it appears few seem willing to give up the pleasure of a well-earned glass of wine with family and friends at Christmas. The fact is that customers are more motivated to seek out options that are pleasing on both the palate and the wallet.” offers more than 1,000 different wines online and supplies many of Ireland’s leading restaurants and hotels

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