Would Britons rather be stuck in a forest with a man or a bear?

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
May 17, 2024, 11:15 AM GMT+0

53% of women aged 18-29 choose the bear

TikTok prompted another viral discussion recently by posing a question to women: would you rather be stuck in a forest with a man or a bear?

The question has been repeated numerous times on the platform, with women in particular often taking the ursine option. The answers serve as a reminder that many women still see men as a potential threat to their safety – “men are scary”, was one of the first responses in the example linked above.

Now a new YouGov survey has posed the question to the British public, and the results indeed do show that many women are more concerned about the man than a bear.

Overall, 54% of Britons say they would rather be stuck in a forest with a man they didn’t know, compared to 24% who say a bear. But among women, the bear preference rises to 31% (compared to 42% who would still rather a man), while for men it falls to 15%.

Younger women in particular are more comfortable with the bear – in fact, among the youngest women (18-29 year olds), fully 53% say they would take their chances with the bear, compared to 31% who would opt for the man. By contrast, only 17% of men the same age choose the bear.

Women in their 30s are somewhat torn, with 44% choosing the man and 37% the bear.

Some variations of the TikTok question initially make the choice between a woman and a bear – one such example sees a man asked by his wife to choose between their daughter being alone with a woman or a bear in the woods, with the man choosing a woman without hesitation, but then struggling to answer whether he’d prefer her to be with a man or a bear (ultimately choosing the bear).

When put the woman-bear combination to respondents, we see gender differences largely drop away. Only 9% of women say they would rather be stuck with the bear under these circumstances, about the same as the 8% of men who made the same choice.

Likewise, among 18-29 year old women, who were most likely to choose the bear when the alternative was a man they didn’t know, just 9% make the same choice when the other option is a woman.

Our colleagues in the USA have found a similar trend to the UK, with 31% of American women opting to roam the woods with a bear over a strange man, falling to 12% in the event the stranger is female.

Were you to find yourself in the woods with a bear, do you think you could defeat it if it came down to a fight? A 2021 YouGov study found that only 2% of Britons think they could win an encounter with a grizzly bear. That said, many Britons don’t rate their animal fighting skills in general – only 67% think they could beat a rat in a fight, and just 45% think they could triumph over a goose.

See the full results here

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