Brits' most popular prizes

November 13, 2012, 9:35 AM GMT+0

Nobel Peace Prize and Olympic Gold medal are the most wanted prizes amongst Brits, whilst a plurality (43%) of people think winning the Victoria Cross is the most impressive

Over one in five (21%) people would choose to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize or an Olympic Gold medal if they were to win a prize, according to our survey. Nobel Peace Prize winners are granted over £750,000, while British Olympic Gold medallists get their face printed on a stamp, but no prize money.

The Victoria Cross is the next most popular prize, with 16% of the British public wanting to win this. Less than one in twenty (5%) Brits would choose the Booker Prize and only 4% would like an Oscar.

Most impressive prizes

A plurality (43%) of British people think that the most impressive prize to attain is the Victoria Cross, which is awarded to British soldiers for bravery and valour. The Nobel Peace Prize is thought to be the next most impressive prize, with almost a quarter (24%) of the public citing this.

In comparison, over one in six (15%) people believe winning an Olympic Gold medal is the most impressive prize. Only 1% of Brits think being awarded the Booker prize, the Pulitzer Prize, an Oscar or a BAFTA are impressive.

Age differences

This poll also reveals significant age differences, with 18-24 year olds saying that the Nobel Peace prize is the most impressive award, compared to other British adults who think the Victoria Cross is most impressive.

  • Almost a third (31%) of Brits aged 18-24 believe the Nobel Peace Prize is the most impressive, while a quarter (25%) say the Victoria Cross and 19% think an Olympic Gold medal
  • In contrast, a majority (56%) of over 60s, a plurality (45%) of those aged 40-59, and over a third (34%) of 25-39 year olds say the Victoria Cross is the most impressive prize

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