How many Britons will try to stay sober in January 2023?

Peter RavenData Journalist
December 30, 2022, 10:37 AM GMT+0

More than one in seven drinkers plan on giving up alcohol for January

With pubs and breweries facing major financial losses and the threat of closure due to spiralling energy costs, Britons trying to stay sober in the new year could not have come at a worse time for them. But how many say they are going to cut out alcohol for January?

A YouGov survey has revealed that one in ten Britons (10%) say they plan on giving up alcohol at the start of the year, compared to half who will continue to drink (51%).

However, nearly one-third of Britons (32%) say they don’t drink alcohol anyway. Excluding the teetotallers, 15% of people who say they do drink are planning on giving it up for January, while three-quarters of drinkers (75%) will not.

There is little difference in terms of gender with 14% of male drinkers and 15% of women who drink saying they will give up the booze.