Three-quarters of Brits missing out on ‘game-changing’ way to eat chocolate biscuits

Jemma ConnerResearch Manager
January 17, 2022, 2:24 PM GMT+0

TV presenter Dan Walker’s stint on Strictly Come Dancing drew both positive and negative comments, but his greatest achievement behind the scenes of the hit show may be bringing attention to the ‘correct’ way to eat chocolate biscuits. Initially sceptical when his professional partner, Nadiya Bychkova, ate a biscuit chocolate side down, Dan is now an advocate of this ‘game-changing’ method, sharing it far and wide on social media.

Chocolate biscuit giant McVities have also backed it, retweeting Dan’s video with the revelation. The argument is that as there are more tastebuds on your tongue than the roof of your mouth, eating the biscuit chocolate side up means that the taste of the chocolate is being lost on the less sensitive part of your mouth.

Despite McVities Milk Chocolate Digestives holding the top spot in the nation’s hearts when it comes to biscuits, a new YouGov poll finds that most Brits may be missing out on the best taste, with three quarters (73%) saying they eat a biscuit chocolate side up and just 7% eat them chocolate side down.

These results are consistent across social groups, with the most notable difference being simply that men and young people are less likely to eat biscuits in the first place.

McVities previously blew minds on the same topic when it revealed that it considers the chocolate side of its biscuits to be the bottom, rather than the top. This is because of the way they have been manufactured, with the biscuits going through a reservoir of chocolate, rather than having it pour on to them.

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