Britons beware: trick or treaters are back

Connor IbbetsonData Journalist
October 29, 2021, 2:35 PM GMT+0

The pandemic is not putting as many Brits off taking children out on Halloween this year

Despite rising COVID-19 case numbers, it appears that parents are not to be put off their children’s Halloween trick-or-treating this year, meaning Brits may need to watch out for tricks should they not be forthcoming with treats.

Some 6% of Britons say they are going to be taking children out to trick-or-treating this year, compared to only 1% who said they would in 2020. Another 4% of people say they normally would go trick or treating but are choosing not to because of COVID-19 – down 8pts versus October 2020 (12%). Finally, 3% have other reasons for forgoing their usual trick-or-treating this year, compared to 4% who said this in 2020.

This means that of the 13% of adults would be trick-or-treating if they could, the 6% saying they will represent an attendance of around 46% of the maximum. Last year’s figures showed that attendance of only 6% of those who normally trick-or-treat was expected.

How many Britons are planning on giving out treats this Halloween?

Luckily for those brave enough to venture out on Halloween with their miniature monsters, they are much more likely to find treats this year.

One in five Britons (21%) say they will give out treats to trick-or-treaters this year. This means twice as many Britons as last year will be offering treats in the hope of avoiding tricks, with the proportion of those not taking part due to COVID-19 falling from 22% to 5% since 2020.

Another 5% say they normally would but continue to not do so because of COVID-19. A further 4% also normally would but have other reasons for not doing so this year.

This means that some 73% of those who normally hand out treats on Halloween say they will do this year. In 2020, only 26% of those who would normally take part in giving out treats did so.

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