Do men do their fair share of housework?

Connor IbbetsonData Journalist
February 07, 2020, 9:22 AM GMT+0

When it comes to taking out the bins and doing the gardening, men are in the lead – but they lag behind women when it comes to every single other household chore

Theresa May was accused of sexism after suggesting there are "boy jobs and girl jobs" around the home, but how do Brits really divide up the housework and cleaning?

Which tasks do men and women say their partner never does?

A YouGov survey asked men and women living with a partner or spouse who does various household tasks in their relationship, and women overwhelmingly say they do more than their fair share.

Women are up to six times more likely to say that only they clean the bathroom and do the laundry than men are. Women are also more likely to be the ones doing jobs such as dusting (52%) and polishing surfaces (50%) compared to men.

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On the flipside men are more likely than women to be the ones doing jobs outside the home, with 46% saying it’s up to them alone to take out the bins, and 42% who say they do all the gardening.

Inside the home, the most likely job to fall to the men is giving the oven a deep clean, with one in six men (17%) saying only they do this job, however women are still much more likely to say only they do this at 47%.

What jobs do men and women say they never do around the home?

As well as being more likely to be the sole person doing various household tasks, women are also less likely than men to say they leave jobs to their partner. Across all the household chores asked about in the survey, an average 8% of women say they never do any of the housework surveyed, compared to 15% of men.

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Just 1% of women say their partner does all household’s laundry, compared to 27% of men who have all their clothes washed by their partner.

Men (24%) are also eight times as likely as women (3%) to say they never clean the bathroom, and just 1% of women say their partner makes the bed compared to 16% of men whose partners make the bed.

On the flipside a third of women (36%) say they don’t do any of the gardening, and 25% say they leave it to their partner to take the bins too.

Washing up is the job that couples are most likely to share the burden of, with 73% of Britons overall saying both they and their partner clean the dishes. Other jobs likely to be a joint effort between couples are food shopping and hoovering which 69% of Britons say they and their partner share.

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