How often do Londoners cross the river?

Connor IbbetsonData Journalist
November 08, 2019, 8:09 AM GMT+0

South Londoners are twice as likely to travel to the north of the capital than north Londoners are to go south

Much argument is made of the North/South divide in the UK, but what about the capital, split neatly in two by the River Thames?

YouGov polling reveals that those living in south London are twice as likely to cross the river on a regular basis than their northern counterparts are to head south.

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Almost three in ten (28%) of those living in south London say they travel to north London at least once a week, compared to just 14% of north Londoners who say they travel south at least once a week.

In fact, the same percentage of south Londoners (14%) say they travel to north London every single day, while only 4% of Londoners living north of the River Thames travel south on a daily basis.

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Around two in ten of Londoners on both sides of the river (24% of north Londoners and 21% of south Londoners) say they never cross it.

The most popular reason for Londoners to cross the river is to visit attractions or attend events on the opposite side.

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The biggest difference between north Londoners and south Londoners, however, was the commute. Almost a third (32%) of south Londoners say the cross the river to get to work compared to only 12% of north Londoners who go south for work.

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