Looks and Personality: How happy are Britons with their appearance?

Milan DinicDirector - Content Strategy and Innovation
November 20, 2019, 4:40 PM GMT+0

Appearance is one of the factors which has an impact on how we feel about ourselves and our character. Results from the YouGov study on Personality show that many Britons seem to be generally unhappy with their appearance.

Our study has revealed that two out of five (42% of the British public) say they do not feel secure about their looks.

Women report more insecurities about this than men - half (49%) of British women say they do not feel secure in their appearance, and a third (34%) of men feel the same. Apart from those who are 55 or older, where three out of ten say they are insecure about their looks, across all other age groups every second person is doubtful about their appearance.

More or less attractive than average

On the other hand, one in six (17%) rate their appearance as little or much more attractive than average. Among men, in the age groups 16-24 and 25-39, one in five (20%) rate their looks as above average, and that falls to one in six (16% and 17% respectively) among the male 40-55 years-old and older than 55. The story is relatively similar among women: in the age groups 16-24 and 25-39, one in five (20%) rate their looks as above average, which declines to one in six among women age 40-55, and close to one out of eight (13%) among women older than 55.

However, the results of the Personality study show that every fifth person (20%) in Britain says they are a little less attractive than average, while one in ten (10%) think they are much less attractive. On the whole, every third person in Britain (30%) considers themselves less attractive. One in three British women (34%) consider their physical appearance as less attractive than average, compared to one in four (28%) of British men.

What we (dis)like in our appearance

Aspects of appearance lead the field in terms of what the British most dislike about themselves – as many as half (50%) of all Brits report not being happy with their weight. Three in ten (30%) say they are not happy with their looks, and one in four (25%) their age.

Concern about weight is significantly higher among women (58%) than men (42%). In addition, noticeably more women dislike their looks (35%) than men (26%).

Character traits

The study also reveals interesting gender divides when it comes to individual characteristics. Men are more likely to say they are rational (58%) and private (49%), while women are more likely to claim to be friendly (79%), thoughtful (64%) and emotional (47%).

You can use our interactive charts to compare results and filter them with other questions and crossbreaks. To find out more about the YouGov Personality Study click here.

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