One in five feel neglected by their partner

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
March 21, 2019, 8:21 AM GMT+0

Distractions like work, television and social media are putting a strain on many relationships

New YouGov Omnibus data shows that one in five (20%) people in relationships think their partner doesn’t pay them enough attention, with women more likely (24%) to feel this way than men (15%).

Social media is the number one distraction, with 28% of those who feel neglected saying their loved one checks their phone instead of spending quality time with them.

Men especially were more likely to complain about this, with 34% complaining about social media sucking up their partner’s attention compared to just 25% of women.

Men were also more likely (21%) to complain about the amount of time their partner spent with friends and family, compared to 13% of women.

For their part, women were more likely than men to say that their partner was too distracted by sport (16%, versus 3% of men), video games (15% versus 4%) and their hobbies (21% versus 13%).

A quarter of Britons (26%) feel that their partner is putting their job ahead of their relationship – the second most common complaint – while 19% blamed TV for feeling a lack of attention.

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