Britain’s favourite things about Christmas: family, friends, and food

Victoria WalderseeData Journalist
December 24, 2018, 9:00 AM GMT+0

But when it comes to Christmas adverts, new research shows we’re more likely to want to turn it off than turn it up

New YouGov Omnibus research carried out with Yahoo for the Christmas episode of ‘Britain Is A Nation Of…’ podcast explores what it is about Christmas that we enjoy the most - and which bits we could do without.

Britons are most likely to enjoy time with family and friends, and eating…

Complain though we might about annoying uncles and overbearing parents, 85% of Brits like seeing family at Christmas. Older people are considerably more likely to say they like seeing family ‘a lot’ - seven in ten (68%) of over 55s say so, compared to half (52%) of 18 to 24s.

Socialising with friends or colleagues is another good part of Christmas for Britons, according to eight in ten (81%).

Eating a lot of food is another popular aspect of the holiday: three quarters (75%) of Brits like stuffing themselves at Christmas. Young people are most likely to look forward to eating their weight in mince pies - six in ten (62%) 18 to 24s say they like eating large amounts of food ‘a lot’, compared to just one in five (20%) of those aged 55 and above.

Finally, seven in ten Britons (69%) enjoy buying gifts for their loved ones - but women are twice as likely as men to like it ‘a lot’ (38% vs 20%).

...and least likely to like Christmas adverts, Christmas carols, and Christmas shopping

Of all the aspects of Christmas asked about in the YouGov survey, Christmas adverts are the only one more disliked than liked - 46% don’t like them, compared to 41% who do. Men particularly dislike them, with over half (55%) saying so.

One in five Britons (21%) don’t like listening to or singing Christmas carols. Again, it’s men who are the Scrooges: a third (30%) dislike carols, compared to under one in six (14%) women.

And despite the fact that most of us do like buying gifts, one in four (24%) don’t like it - just under one in six (14%) say they dislike it a ‘little’, but one in ten (10%) don’t like it ‘at all’.

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