Saturday evening is the best time of the week

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
September 24, 2018, 8:11 AM GMT+0

A new YouGov survey reveals how Britain feels at every point of the week

YouGov can now officially declare Saturday evening to be the best point of the week, with a new survey revealing that 68% of Britons say it is a good time of the week, putting it just ahead of Saturday afternoon (67%) and Friday evening (66%).

In news that will surprise no-one, Monday morning is judged to be the worst time of the week. Just one in five Brits (21%) consider it to be a good time of the week, compared to 32% who say it is a bad time of the week.

Enjoyment of the week does not rise in a smooth line from Monday morning to the weekend, however.

Instead what occurs from Monday to Thursday is a drop in positivity at the beginning of every day from the night before. For instance, while 34% of Brits consider Monday evening to be a good time of the week, this falls to 24% for Tuesday morning.

The pattern ends on Friday, with positive sentiment towards Friday morning (42%) being little different to Thursday evening (45%). Happiness then rockets to 52% on Friday afternoon and up to 66% on Friday evening.

This level of positivity is sustained until Sunday evening, when it falls to 45%. In fact Sunday is the only day that

The morning is the worst part of every day, with the exception of Sunday which is the only day that gets worse over the course of the day.

Weekdays are better when you’re retired, but the weekend is no longer special

The biggest difference in attitudes is between those who are retired and everyone else.

Enjoyment of the week is quite variable among working people, from a low point of 17% saying Monday morning and afternoon are good times of the week, to a high point of 76% saying Saturday evening is a good time.

By contrast, retirees experience a much higher low point (39% on Monday morning) but also lower high points (59% on Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday afternoon), and very little variation from one part of the week to the next.

Retired people are more likely than working people to enjoy every part of the week from Monday to Friday morning. The crossover point comes on Friday afternoon, after which enjoyment is much higher among working people, before crossing over again on Sunday evening as positive feelings among workers slumps.

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