YouGov reveals where around the house Brits have had sex

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
July 18, 2018, 11:00 PM GMT+0

Survey also shows which furniture you probably shouldn’t shine a blacklight on

As if it wasn’t bad enough that movie and TV stars make on-screen sex look far more glamorous and exciting than the real thing, it also seems to take place in a much more adventurous variety of locations.

Now YouGov Omnibus can reveal how many Brits’ lovemaking sessions have escaped their own bedroom and spilled out into the rest of the house.

Unsurprisingly the most common location Brits have had sex is their own bedroom, which 85% of us have done. Additionally, 45% of Brits have had sex in a bedroom belonging to someone else in their household, and an identical number have had sex in their spare/guest bedroom.

Those worried about the amorous habits of their flatmates should know that only 7% of Brits have had sex in their flatmate’s bedroom. More common is sex in parents’ bedrooms – 12% of all Brits have taken a partner to bed here.

The most popular non-bedroom sex location is the lounge/living room. More than two thirds of Brits (69%) have had relations here.

Close to half (48%) have performed the no-pants-dance in the bathroom.

A third of Brits (33%) have cooked up some love in the kitchen, while one in five (21%) have taken their lovemaking outside to the garden.

From the window to the wall

The survey also reveals what household furniture and features Brits have had sex on and/or in.

Seven in ten Brits (70%) have made love on the floor, while a similar number have done so on the sofa (68%). The armchair is a less popular choice, at 37%.

The shower is a more popular bathroom location for sex than the bath itself, at 47% vs 38% – many Brits presumably can’t control their animal instincts for long enough to wait for the bath to run.

People are seemingly more concerned about hygiene issues where they eat food than where they prepare it, being that 17% of Brits have had sex on a dining table but only 25% have done so on the kitchen counter.

A quarter of Brits may have been overcome by passion before they could ascend to the bedroom, with 24% having made love on the staircase.

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