The appeal of a poppy

November 12, 2010, 2:09 AM GMT+0

As the nation commemorates Armistice Day to remember the British servicemen and women who gave their lives fighting for this country, with especial focus on the two World Wars, many of our panellists have spoken about the importance of Remembrance Sunday and the Royal British Legion 'Poppy Appeal', largely condemning critics who call it a glorification of war.

Random selection of positive comments from some of our UK panellists, many of whom do not believe that the Royal Legion Poppy AppealRoyal British Legion Poppy Appeal glorifies war


Random selection of negative comments from some of our UK panellists, many of whom object to elements of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal


On balance, it would appear that the Poppy Appeal is not without its critics among those asked, as some respondents feel that the campaign sends the wrong message and causes unfair social pressure to wear a poppy.

However, it seems the vast majority of respondents are wearing their poppies with pride, and not a single one questioned the bravery of those who have given their lives for Britain in armed conflict.

The Royal British Legion provides a range of services to armed service veterans, ranging from medical help to job retraining. So far the 2010 appeal has raised £464,000.