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October 30, 2010, 1:31 AM GMT+0

Series six of BBC show The Apprentice has returned to dominate our Wednesday evenings this autumn (with episode five airing next week) and given the positive comments about the series on our TellYouGov leaderboard it looks unlikely that anyone will be firing the show’s producers any time soon (the same can’t be said for the show’s contestants).

  • The volume score for the topic of ‘The Apprentice’ has risen by 48 points to 71 in the past 24 hours
  • The sentiment score has risen by 14 points to 26 in the same time frame, indicating that the public hasn’t yet tired of watching contestants battle it out to work for Lord Sugar.
  • Many tyggers said they were ‘loving this year’s series’, calling it ‘great stuff’, and ‘very entertaining’.
  • It seems that watching characters on the show failing at their tasks is still the main pulling point, as one tygger said the show is ‘unmissable because it’s just so cringeworthy’, while another said ‘you just have to love watching these pompous morons trying to run a business’.

‘Glad she's gone’

Melissa Cohen is the latest would- be apprentice to get booted out of the boardroom this week; a decision which seems to have proven popular with our tyggers.

  • One person exclaimed that she was ‘glad Melissa went’, while another said they had ‘never heard such vacuous waffle come from one person!’
  • Melissa’s appearance on the habitual BBC2 post-show review TThe Apprentice: You’re Fired left one tygger surprised at her apparent ‘personality transplant’ compared to her on-show persona, saying that she came across as a ‘much more likeable and humble woman’ second time around.

‘Tired and formulaic’

Naturally, there are people who are not such big fans.

  • A common complaint is that ‘the show is getting really tired’, ‘boring’ and ‘formulaic’. One tygger asked ‘how can people watch this inane rubbish year in, year out?’
  • One respondent despairingly said ‘if the would-be apprentices are supposed to be our future business high-flyers, then God help Britain!’

In this week’s episode Lord Sugar challenged the two teams of apprentices, named Apollo and Synergy, to pick a product from the Science museum to sell. Team Apollo, who were selling babygros with a built-in thermometer to help avoid overheating and cot-death, along with a t-shirt designed to sculpt a man’s body, won the challenge with a record breaking £122,000 profit compared to the £76,500 netted by Synergy with their environmentally friendly shower heads and twin-handed spades.

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