Most women have faked it – and so have 1 in 5 men

William JordanUS Elections Editor
November 25, 2014, 4:19 PM GMT+0

A new survey reveals some surprising details about the sex lives of the British

When Sally met Harry? Meg Ryan's character famously boasted about how commonly and convincingly women can ‘fake it’ in that scene from When Harry Met Sally, but new research suggests there are plenty of men who can relate.

The practice is definitely more common among women, a new YouGov survey finds. Excluding those who have never had sex*, 58% of British women have faked an orgasm. But there’s also a not-insignificant minority of men – 21% – who have faked it.

It could even be men who are putting on the more convincing show. Only 3% of the women asked say they have ever been with a man who has faked an orgasm, compared to 54% who say definitively that they have not, and 42% who admit they don’t know. By contrast, 23% of men say definitively that they have slept with a woman who has faked it, versus only 29% who say they have not, and 47% who don’t know.

It happens to 1 in 3 men

Shedding some light on another important sexual taboo, many men in the survey were also admitted that they have had trouble getting and maintaining an erection during sex.

Around a third (35%) of sexually active men (who are 84% of all men in the survey) admit to this particular dysfunction. The problem is much more common among older men, but even 29% of 25-39 year-year olds have experienced it.

However, many more women – 48% of women who have ever had sex with a man – say they have been with a man who’s had trouble getting and maintaining erection.

*Only respondents who said they were willing to answer questions about their sex lives and have had sex with a member of the opposite gender were asked this series of questions.

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