Wagner the wildcard

October 26, 2010, 7:55 PM GMT+0

Eccentric X Factor contestant Wagner Carrilho is fast becoming a phenomenon on the TellYouGov leaderboard as comments flood in following his eye-popping rendition of Living La Vida Loca on Saturday night. Comments have pushed the singer’s volume score up by 17 points to 75 – making him the most talked-about contestant on the board.

But while jaws may be dropping, it hasn’t always in a good way: criticism of Wagner is mounting as his sentiment score has dropped by 39 points to -53.

‘A joke’ and ‘an idiot’

  • Many are fed up of the signer, saying, ‘[I] can’t wait for him to be booted off the X Factor’, and calling him an ‘egotistical idiot with no talent’.
  • Several disgruntled users, or ‘tyggers’ have asked ‘if the public has gone mad’ and are pleading for viewers to ‘stop voting for him’.


  • Some, though, have nothing but praise for the PE teacher from Dudley, calling him a ‘brilliant entertainer’ and a ‘great character’. One potentially over-excited tygger even called him ‘God’.
  • Any positivity, however, seems to be centred around Wagner’s comedy value as opposed to any real praise for his singing talent, with most of the positive comments focusing on how ‘hilarious’ he is.

  • Having said that, one tygger was eager to focus on singing prowess and has pointed out that mentor and judge Louis Walsh may be hindering Wagner’s true singing talents from being showcased. He lamented, ‘[Wagner] should have sung Ride of the Valkeries last night. He’s not good at modern stuff’.

Wildcard win?

Wagner Carrilho is Louis Walsh’s wildcard in ITV’s popular X Factor competition, and his bizarre covers of cheesy hits alongside showgirl-style dance routines have made him a stand-out act, even if not always for the right reasons. The Brazilian also hit the news after a recording of him saying the show ‘stinks’ was leaked to the tabloid press. He is also reported to have alleged that the show is ‘rigged’ in Simon Cowell’s favour.

Despite our survey revealing that he is the least popular X Factor contestant among viewers of the show, he must still be doing something right, as last weekend’s mash up of The Spice Girls and Ricky Martin hits Spice Up Your Life/Living La Vida Loca managed to win over enough public votes to see him through to the next round of the competition.

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