Goodbye Gamu?

October 07, 2010, 11:31 PM GMT+0

Just over half of the population (52%) think that former X Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu should be deported to Zimbabwe as her mother has broken immigration rules, despite overwhelming support for her to stay in the X Factor competition.

  • 63% of X Factor viewers think that 18 year old Gamu should have been put through to the live finals of the show, compared to 21% who support Cheryl’s decision to axe her at the ‘judges’ houses’ stage of the competition.
  • A further 63% of viewers think that Gamu should be allowed to go through to the final as a ‘wild card’, after suggestions that judge Simon Cowell may introduce this new twist to the show to put extra acts through. 21% of viewers think Gamu should not go through.
  • But 52% of the British public think that Gamu should be deported following newspaper claims that her mother broke immigration rules, compared to 19% say that an exception should be made and Gamu should be allowed to stay.
  • 53% of X Factor viewers think that Gamu should be deported, but a further 25% say an exception should be made.
  • The judges’ ‘wild card’ choices will be revealed to viewers this Saturday (October 9). Media rumours suggest that Cheryl Cole make have picked Treyc Cohen as the ‘wild card’ for the girls’ category, causing further anger from the strong Gamu fanbase. Cheryl has even allegedly received death threats for her decision, from a man saying she had ‘made the biggest mistake of her life’ by axing Gamu.Solicitors from the Nhengu family are currently seeking a judicial review of the Home Office order expelling them from the UK.Survey details and full results