X Factor furore

October 06, 2010, 12:03 AM GMT+0

Cheryl Cole may have been branded ‘the nation’s darling’ by the media in recent years, but as far as TellYouGov users are concerned, her sentiment score has plummeted following last weekend’s controversial X Factor decision. Viewers were shocked when she chose not to put through 18 year-old Zimbabwe-born Gamu Nhengu to The X Factor live shows, instead choosing Katie Waissel, 24, and Cher Lloyd, 17, despite both of them fluffing their final ‘judges’ houses’ auditions.

Dropping scores and heightened feelings

  • The ‘Cheryl Cole’ topic volume score has risen by 109 points to a significant 241, putting the judge at 5th place on the leaderboard, while the sentiment score has dropped to an unprecedented -98 in the same time frame, suggesting many users, or ‘tyggers’ are far from happy with the singer.
  • The decision also caused a buzz on the ‘The X Factor’ topic, with a 131 point increase in the volume score, taking it up to a significant 296. It also saw an 86 point drop in the sentiment score to -62.
  • ‘What was she thinking?’ is a sentiment echoed by many tyggers flocking to comment.
  • ‘She totally put the wrong acts through,’ said one, while others bemoaned that Cheryl was ‘blinkered’ in her decision.
  • Even loyal fans questioned her judgement, with one saying ‘She’s all heart, but I think she took the wrong ones through. I hope I am proved wrong’.
  • Several tyggers questioned whether the decision was Cheryl’s own, with some calling it ‘a fix’, ‘a set up’, ‘manufactured’ and a ‘false show’.
  • While another simply exclaimed, ‘What a con!’, agreeing with another angry tygger who asked ‘Why are they being allowed to turn this talent show into a drama?’ They added, ‘It’ll go downhill if they try changing the format for shock value.’

Wildcard in the wings?

Before her shock exit from the show, Gamu had been a favourite to go through, wowing the judges with a personal rendition of Walking On Sunshine at her first audition and delivering near-flawless performances in subsequent rounds. Despite the many rumours surrounding Gamu’s exclusion, though, including allegations about her immigrant status, a ‘production insider’ told the Daily Mail, ‘Gamu did not make Cheryl’s final three as there were others thought to be more talented. That’s what it came down to.’

However, a new ‘twist’ to the show may see her brought back. Judge Simon Cowell has reportedly decided to allow each of the judges to bring back a ‘wildcard’ hopeful, along with a public vote to decide which of the four wildcards will become the thirteenth contestant.

The X Factor live shows begin this weekend at 7:40pm, on ITV1.

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