Widdecombe's waltz

October 04, 2010, 8:25 PM GMT+0

Former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe’s highly anticipated (some might say much-dreaded) dance floor debut may not have wowed the judges on ITV’s Strictly Come Dancing, but it has certainly gained many TellYouGov users’ (or ‘tyggers’’) support. Ann’s dance debut has clearly won over much of the TellYouGov panellists, as immediately following the launch show three weeks ago, her sentiment score stood at a paltry -21, with many tyggers proclaiming that she should ‘strictly not come dancing’.

  • However, after a wobbly waltz on Saturday night’s show, Ann’s sentiment score rose to a respectable 40 points,
  • While her volume score peaked at 130, up 111 points in 48 hours, putting her in sixth place of the entire board.
  • Some users called her a ‘brave lady’, ‘a really good sport’ and even ‘a game old bird’.
  • Others praised the performance, saying ‘Well done’, ‘Keep dancing’ and ‘Go girl!’ while one person described Ann as ‘the only reason [I] will watch the competition.’
  • ‘She’s mad as a hatter but becoming a national treasure,’ enthused one tygger.
  • And although Ann’s feet fell flat, it appears her overall performance didn’t, with one tygger claiming that ‘she wasn’t the worst dancer’. (Indeed, that title was perhaps taken by 72 year old magician Paul Daniels, who lip-synced his way through a ‘cha cha cha’ to boyband Take That’s hit Could it be magic, in a performance branded more ‘tragic’ than ‘magic’ by judge Bruno Tonioli.)

However, not all tyggers were equally encouraging about Ann’s valiant efforts, and criticised the former MP for being on the show in the first place

  • ‘Please stay at home,’ pleaded one person, while another irate tygger said ‘It’s time this pompous reactionary retired.’
  • ‘She should be a speaker, not a dancer,’ on respondent argued, while another expressed concerns that she would ‘make a mockery of dancing, like [last year’s contestant] John Sergeant’.

No contestants were eliminated after the first round of dancing this weekend, which means we will get to see at least one more twirl around the dancefloor from Ann. ‘If you think [this week] was bad, wait until you see the salsa...’ she warned.

The next episode of Strictly Come Dancing will be on BBC One at 5:45pm this Saturday, followed by the results show on Sunday at 7:30pm.

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