‘Holding their nerve’

September 21, 2010, 8:09 PM GMT+0

Nick Clegg’s motivational call at this year’s party conference for the Liberal Democrats to ‘hold their nerve’ because the Coalition will change Britain ‘for good’, may have come at the right time, as results of our recent poll for the Sun newspaper show that British opinion is divided on whether the Coalition will actually succeed in having that effect.

  • 44% agree with Nick Clegg’s statement that the Coalition Government is the ‘right government for right now’
  • 37% felt that ‘a different government would do a better job’
  • A sizeable 20% is still unsure if the Coalition will be able to solve the current problems facing the nation.

Trouble ahead

The Coalition Government faces difficult times ahead due to an inherited deficit of £155bn and is already coming under fire over the expected spending cuts that mean thousands could lose their jobs and others look likely to take a serious wage dip. The establishment of the new Free Schools and the question of whether or not to renew the Trident nuclear defence system are also controversial issues threatening the popularity of this Government.

As the Liberal Democrat conference draws to a close tomorrow and the release of the annual spending review looms, the issues facing the Coalition, and their implications for its success, will soon be coming to a head – but it seems the public’s support may not be absolute.

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