Nationwide is top high street bank and savings brand in YouGov’s mid-year rankings

July 16, 2014, 9:09 AM GMT+0

Nationwide is the top high street bank and savings brand so far in 2014, mid-year figures from YouGov’s BrandIndex show.

The rankings are based on YouGov’s BrandIndex Buzz score (which measures whether consumers have heard anything positive or negative about the charity in the last two weeks). They show that Nationwide is top with a mid-year score of +5.0, followed by NS&I Premium Bonds, which is on +2.2.

The rest of the top five includes two brands that are financial off-shoots of well-known high street outfits. M&S Bank is in third position (+1.8), the Post Office has the fourth highest buzz score (+1.5), and Tesco Bank has the fifth (+1.1).

Nationwide’s place at the top of the mid-year scores comes after it held the same position in the end of year 2013 rankings. Meanwhile the Post Office and NS&I Premium Bonds have swapped places with M&S Bank remaining steady in third position. The only newcomer on the list is the recently launched Tesco Bank at number five.

Simon Mottram, Lead Consulting Director at YouGov, says: “The high street financial brands with the best Buzz scores are the more ‘homely’ ones. These are providers who have been seen as being sensible, solid and “safe” during the upheavals of recent years. It is telling that established retailers – such as M&S and Tesco – are so high on the list. Their overall brand values are well-regarded in this sector at a time when consumer attitudes to “traditional” financial services providers are only now slowly recovering and still retain a high level of scepticism in the eyes of the consumer.”

YouGov’s BrandIndex high street banks and savings mid-year Buzz rankings