63% of voters 'don't know anything' about UKIP economic policy

May 18, 2014, 3:20 PM GMT+0

With the exception of Europe and immigration, at least 60% of the public say they 'don’t know anything' about UKIP’s policies on key issues like the economy and the NHS

New YouGov research reveals that most people have no idea about what UKIP’s policies are in key areas.

On the issue of Europe most people say they either know exactly what UKIP’s policy is (42%) or have a good idea of the sort of approach they’d take (35%). The same goes for immigration: 42% know UKIP’s exact policy and 38% understand their general approach.

However, on the NHS, the economy, education, crime and defence, over 60% say they "don’t know anything" about what UKIP’s policies are – not even the "sort of approach" they would take.

And while intended UKIP voters say they have a better idea of what their chosen party would do, only on the EU and immigration do over 22% say they know exactly what the plan would be. In every other case the majority say they don’t know the exact policy but have a good idea of the sort of approach UKIP would take, and between 24-30% say they don’t know anything at all.

While UKIP have come ahead of Labour in YouGov voting intention polls for May 22nd’s European Parliament election four times, in this weekend’s survey they are one point behind. Labour are on 27% (down one), UKIP are on 26% (up one) and the Conservatives are on 23% (also up one).

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