Debating David

September 01, 2010, 10:21 PM GMT+0

Labour leadership hopeful David Miliband has risen up the TellYouGov leaderboard in the past 24 hours, but his sentiment score has dropped, suggesting an increase in negative sentiment towards him among interested users, or ‘tyggers’.

The topic ‘David Miliband’ has seen a high volume score of 92 today, up 71 points in the past 24 hours, but the politician’s sentiment score has decreased 33 points to -40 in the same timeframe.

Many comments, or ‘tygs’, have referred directly to David Miliband’s campaign for Labour leadership, as voting for the candidates continues. The leadership race has been widely criticised as ‘a two-horse-race’ between the Miliband brothers, although fellow leadership candidate Ed Balls recently criticised the ‘daily soap opera’ of the Milibands for drawing attention away from the ‘real issues’ facing the Labour party.

It seems that many tyggers support David’s campaign for leadership. One tygger described him as an ‘impressive speaker who clearly should be leader of the Labour party’, while another praised his ability to ‘inspire young individuals and win back voters’.

However, others are not such a fan of the former Foreign Secretary, with many criticising his Blairite tendencies. While one tygger dubbed David ‘the new Tony Blair’, another described him as ‘tarnished’ by the support he receives from the former PM and Labour leader.

And with the volume score still rising ahead of the Labour party conference, the debate surrounding the favourite to win appears to be hotting up.

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