Russia will be sanctioned... at Eurovision

May 09, 2014, 9:14 AM GMT+0

55% think Russia will do worse at Eurovision because of events in Ukraine – and only 28% expect Ukraine to give Russia any points

As Russia ‘pulls back’ its troops from Ukraine, it may find an unexpected downside of its actions at the Eurovision song contest.

A new YouGov survey ahead of this weekend’s competition finds that 55% of British people think that Russia will do worse than it would have because of events in Ukraine.

4% say it will do better because of the events and 11% say it will do well or badly regardless of the politics in Ukraine.

Not long ago Ukraine was a close ally of Russia, however now only 28% expect them to give their former allies any points (ranging from 1-12) in the Eurovision song contest. 48% guess they will not award any points to Russia and 25% don’t know.

Ahead of Saturday’s show, Russia’s entry – the 17 year-old Tolmachevy twins – were booed by a 10,000 strong Danish audience performing at the semi-final. In 2005, after Ukraine’s pro-democracy Orange Revolution, Russian voters gave Ukraine just two points after awarding it the maximum 12 a year earlier. Some even say the Tolmachevy twins’ song “Shine” portrays a hint of Putin’s tactics: “Living on the edge / closer to the crime / cross the line a step at a time”.

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