Men don't think Tinder is cheating - but women do

May 02, 2014, 11:38 AM GMT+0

While 67% of women think signing up to dating websites and apps such as or Tinder is cheating, only 43% of men think it counts

The app with an instant catalogue of men and women in your area, that boils all evaluation down to the direction an image is swiped, has proved too tempting for some.

People in relationships who sign up to Tinder might say they’re just window shopping, but then again, aren’t they actually just cheating?

A new YouGov survey finds that men are significantly less likely to think that signing up to dating apps like Tinder or websites like counts as cheating. While 67% of women think doing so counts as infidelity, only 43% of men feel the same.

Of all the scenarios that could be considered as cheating, using Tinder causes the most disagreement. 24 percentage points stands between women and men on the issue.

Kissing someone else also splits opinion, as 64% of women consider this as cheating compared to 42% of men. As does sending flirty messages to someone else (52% women, 31% men) and sending naked photos to someone else (74% women, 53% men).

Tinder claim to have made 75 million matches in less than a year, 50 million of which are said to have resulted in meetings. Many see Tinder as having moved on from its perhaps seedy beginnings, but while a lot of people are using it to start relationships now, easy hook-ups are still a bit part of the app's appeal.

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