One in four people wee in the shower

April 08, 2014, 9:34 AM GMT+0

Almost half of men admit to having urinated in the shower – and a quarter of all Brits say doing so is acceptable

A new YouGov survey finds that significant minorities of people think it is fine in general to wee in unorthodox places.

41% of men have weed in the shower, 27% of women. This figure may seem high, but compared to people in America it is much less prevalent (there, 48% say it's OK to wee in the shower while in Britain only 23% do).

50% of people have urinated in the ocean or sea, and 52% think it is OK to do so.

Meanwhile, over one in five (22%) admit to haveing urinated in a swimming pool. Again, more men (27%) than women (18%). But only 5% say doing so is acceptable.

In 2009, adverts encouraging people to urinate in the shower as a way of conserving water were televised in Brazil. In 2007 students at Kings College, Cambridge received an email from their Dean after a “considerable amount of urine” was found in sink pipes. "Should any one need any assistance to help them tell the difference between a hand basin and a toilet bowl, please let me know”, he said.

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