Deep V in Deep Trouble

William JordanUS Elections Editor
February 19, 2014, 3:24 PM GMT+0

Deep V-neck T shirts on men is a trend the British people can do without

As fashion week draws to a close, Brits have a message for the fashion industry: this summer, spare us the deep v-necks. A deep V is simply a twist on the more familiar men’s fashion, the V neck shirt, where the neckline stretches halfway down a man’s chest. It's a look that has previously got approval from Simon Cowell, Russell Brand and TOWIE stars.

But if there was ever any doubt on the matter, let us formally remove it now: the British people overwhelmingly dislike the deep V. Only 3% really like the style, and 16% quite like it. Fully 71% dislike it – including a quarter of Brits who actively ‘can’t stand’ the deep V.

Antipathy towards the low-cut men’s top is common across all demographics, with great consistency.

Adding some context to the contempt, respondents were also asked to give the first word that comes to their minds when seeing a man with a plunging neckline. Here are the results: