It's official: size doesn’t matter (unless you're a Tory)

February 13, 2014, 4:02 PM GMT+0

52% of the UK adult population disagree with the idea that ‘when it comes to sex, a man’s penis size matters'; 38% think it does

Amongst women, the figures are stronger: 57% of them disagree with the statement, but a large proportion (35%) say that size does matter.

Men are much more evenly divided: 42% agree while 48% disagree.

Some other surprising demographic differences also emerged. Conservative voters are the group most likely to agree that penis size matters (48% to 45%), while Liberal Democrats voters feel strongly the other way - 60% disagree while 27% agree.

There is also a strong correlation with age: the older you are, the less likely you are to think that penis size is an important factor in sex.

For the less well-endowed, Scotland seems the best place to be. Scots reject the concept by an overwhelming 63%-26%, but cross the border to the North of England and the odds are much more even, at 47%-42% against.

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