Lib Dem support drops

July 21, 2010, 10:18 PM GMT+0

Support for the Liberal Democrats has fallen significantly since the General Election, the most recent poll for the Sun newspaper has found.

The results of the survey, carried out between 19th and 20th July, show a significant decrease in the public’s voting intention where the Liberal Democrats are concerned, with only 14% saying that they would vote for the party – which our tracker shows is the lowest figure since February 13th 2009. Since then, the number has not dropped below 15.

Over the same time period, the Lib Dem voting intention peaked at 34% following the UK’s first televised leaders’ debate back in April – which many argued was won by party leader and now-Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. But since the formation of the ‘LibCon’ Coalition Government on May 12th, which saw the Lib Dems form a coalition with Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative party, the Liberal Democratic Party has witnessed a steady fall in popularity.

Watch this space for further movement as we continue to track voting intention across the nation.

Survey details and full results