Mandelson attracts criticism

July 17, 2010, 12:46 AM GMT+0

Peter Mandelson has seen a dramatic increase in volume score on the TellYouGov leaderboard following the release of his controversial autobiography, entitled The Third Man. The former Labour Business Secretary’s volume score has gone up 55 points in the past 24 hours, so far peaking at 216, putting him third overall. His sentiment score, however, down 48 points in 24 hours, now stands at a poor -187 points, down 48 points in the same time period.

The book, described by sources in Westminster as being ‘very indiscreet’, has catalysed a torrent of negative comments, or ‘tygs’. Many users, or ‘tyggers’, have taken issue with the candidness of autobiography and with Mandelson’s apparent enthusiasm at dishing dirt. One said, ‘as this book has confirmed, [Mandelson is] a man of zero moral awareness’...’a snake in the grass type’. Another commented that ‘[he] will do and say anything to sell copies of this book’.
It seems the book will do little to solicit confidence among contributors, who are arguably growing tired of negative press surrounding politicians and the political establishment.

Indeed, one tygger quipped: ‘Autobiography; what an own goal – politicians prioritise their own turf ahead of the national interest’, while another lamented that the book was ‘taking the remaining credibility from politicians [after the expenses scandal], showing them to be self-interested parasites’. Another declared ‘his autobiography reminds me of why we got rid of Labour’, while others called Mandelson ‘slimy’ and ‘an example of how two-faced politicians can be when there's money on offer’.

However, some were clearly amused by the situation, with one saying ‘I love the way the media portray [Mandelson] as a villain’, and another suggesting that he is ‘wasted on politics...he should referee [BBC One panel show] Have I Got News For You. Some even had something positive to say, with one defending ‘the man has simply written the truth, good and bad’ and another calling Mandelson ‘down to earth and funny’ after having seen his appearance on ITV breakfast show Good Morning.

However, the mood is nevertheless largely condemnatory. TellYouGov is registering very few positive comments for the topic, but its volume score is still increasing, suggesting that the issue has struck a sensitive nerve among tyggers. So while many may agree with the user who ‘never wishes to see him again’, it looks like ‘Mandy’ will stay on the board for some time yet.

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