British shoppers in love with loyalty cards

November 07, 2013, 3:13 PM GMT+0

A new report from YouGov reveals that British shoppers have fallen in love with loyalty cards, with a whopping three-quarters (76%) of consumers saying they carry between one and five cards with them at all times.

However, one in four (40%) view carrying a lot of cards as an inconvenience, and nearly a quarter (22%) say they “keep forgetting” to carry their loyalty cards with them.

Two things shoppers do not like about loyalty schemes are time limits and restrictions regarding the redemption of points – cited as a bugbear by 68% of consumers.


The most favoured redemption options involve saving up points, with a view to perhaps cashing them at a particular time (42%), using them in order to buy either something required (31%) or to pay for a treat (30%).

A minority of respondents say they prefer cashing their loyalty or reward points at the earliest possible opportunity (20%), but few (8%) are interested in getting an instant discount at the till.

Some 32% agree that they would be happy to earn extra points by providing extra information about their shopping habits/profile.

Changes in shopping habits

The popularity of loyalty schemes can largely be attributed to a trend for thrift amongst British shoppers. Some 66% agree or agree strongly with the statement “I am more price-conscious than one year ago”. Just over one-third (36%) of consumers say they are using loyalty cards/coupons more than a year ago.

Nearly half (48%) of participants agree or strongly agree with the statement “I am more careful to remember my loyalty cards/coupons when I go shopping”.

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