Support for collaborative coalition

May 22, 2010, 12:05 AM GMT+0

The majority of British adults (66%) feel that the recently-announced policies proposed by the coalition government are the best way to tackle the plethora of issues facing the country at present. In comparison, only 12% feel that the policy proposals as put forward in the Conservative manifesto would be the best way forward. On May 20th, the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition outlined their proposals for the next parliament, marking several compromises between pre-election party policies and pledges to create committees where disagreements remained.

Most interesting is that 65% of Conservative respondents think that the set of ‘compromise’ policies are the best thing for the country, as opposed to 24% that feel instead that the policies proposed by their party leadership in their pre-election manifesto would be a more desirable course of action.

The biggest supporters for a compromising and inclusive parliament are, perhaps unsurprisingly given that this represents their party’s first taste of real power, the Lib Dem respondents, of which 87% believe the coalition’s policies are best for the country.

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