Personal injury claims

Chris PolechonskiSenior Research Executive Digital, Media and Technology
August 19, 2013, 10:47 AM GMT+0

A new YouGov report reveals that less than one in five (18%) UK adults have suffered some form of personal injury or accident in the last five years. However, less than one in three (29%) of those suffering a personal injury or an accident made a claim.

Amongst those who had not claimed despite suffering some form of personal injury, the most likely reason given was the belief the accident or injury was not serious enough to justify a claim (33%). Similarly, the third most likely reason is the belief that the case was not strong enough to win a claim, with 19% of non-claimants citing this. In addition, more than a quarter (28%) say they didn’t claim as they did not believe in claiming compensation.

Despite these low levels of claiming, unsolicited marketing is widespread, mostly carried out through texts, phone calls and e-mails. 62% of UK adults report having been approached in the last 12 months and encouraged to make a claim. However, of the adults who have experienced this type of marketing, one in five (20%) are potentially capable of making a claim and only 6% actually have.

Just 2% of adults overall say they made and completed a claim after being encouraged to do so by specific marketing activity undertaken by personal injury companies.

The industry is, however, better at targeting potential and actual claimers. While 63% overall have been reached by marketing, this rises to two-thirds (67%) for potential claimants (i.e. those ever suffering an injury or illness) and to 72% of those making a claim.

Claims management companies

The claims management companies and law firms using heavy mainstream media advertising, such as Claims Direct (owned by Russell Jones & Walker) and National Accident Helpline, have the highest profile in the industry. More than two-fifths (41%) of consumers have heard of Claims Direct and 37% have heard of National Accident Helpline. However, this relatively high awareness does not necessarily translate into use, as BGR Bloomer is the company which is used by the most claimants (15%), followed by Irwin Mitchell with just over one in ten (11%) of claimants who has used the company.

Despite all the publicity surrounding claims management companies, when asked what companies they would use for future potential claims, consumers show a strong desire to use lawyers and solicitors (40%) and, albeit to a lesser extent, insurers (8%). The only organisations that might seriously challenge lawyers and insurers in future are motoring organisations, with a quarter (25%) stating they would consider using the AA to handle their personal injury case.

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