Economic Optimism doubles since April

August 11, 2013, 9:32 AM GMT+0

Compared to April, twice as many Britons now believe the economy is starting to recover – and the number who say the economy is getting worse is down by around 15 points since November 2012

The economy has been the battleground issue of the week, with good economic news of rises in factory output, car sales and house prices being rebutted by the Labour Party, whose living standards campaign claimed that by 2015 the average worker will have lost £6,600 under the coalition government. New research by YouGov finds that the number of Britons who say the economy is recovering has doubled since April.

30% of British adults now say that ‘the economy is in a bad way, but is starting to show signs of recovery,’ compared to 13% who felt the same in April. The figure is at its highest level since November 2012 (21%), when the question was first asked. Additionally, the number who say ‘the economy is still getting worse’ is at its lowest point of 25%; down 13 points since last November.

The news also fits with YouGov’s weekly tracker question on the state of the economy. The majority (56%) still say the economy is ‘bad’, however this is down significantly since November 2012, when it stood at around 72%.

In a boost for George Osborne, the economy grew 0.6% in the three months to June, double the level of the first quarter. Labour say the growth has gone disproportionately to the best-off, claiming bonuses across the financial and business sector were 82% higher this April than last.

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