Public: It's too hot!

July 19, 2013, 6:14 PM GMT+0

67% of the British public say the weather this week has been too hot

The British are famed for spending most of the year complaining about how cold, wet and dark it is. So when it comes to a summer like this, with the first prolonged heatwave for seven years, they might be expected to be overjoyed. But a new YouGov poll confirms that most people think this weather is too hot.

Two thirds of British adults (67%) say that the weather this week has been “too hot.” 41% say it is “a little too hot” and 26% say it is “far too hot.”

28% say the weather this week has been “just about right”, and a balmy 2% say it is “not quite” or “not nearly” hot enough.

In May YouGov asked the public weather they thought this summer would be better or worse than the last, the wettest summer for 100 years. 47% predicted that it would be “about the same” while 14% said it would be worse. Only a quarter of the public got it right: 26% said this summer would be hotter than the last.

The temperature has been above 30 degrees Celsius for six days consecutively. Farmers have been told to be on high-alert this weekend as wildfires are a possibility.

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