Harry and Pippa favourites to be godparents

July 11, 2013, 2:18 PM GMT+0

Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry are the public’s top choice to be the royal baby’s godparents – but Zara Phillips is a clear runner up

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are awaiting the arrival of their first-born child, who will be third in line to be King or Queen of England. The baby is reported to be due this weekend, and there has been much speculation over who should be the new Royal’s godparents. YouGov puts the question to the public.

For godfather there is a clear winner: over a third of people in Britain (35%) single out Prince Harry as the person they would most like to see as the future monarch's godfather.

Of those who are interested in the birth of the royal baby (46% say they are interested compared to 53% who say they are not interested), 58% pick Prince Harry; no other man is chosen by more than 3%.

When it comes to who should be the child's godmother, Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa Middleton is the first choice for the public: 16% overall would most like to see her as one of the possible future King or Queen’s godparents.

To those who are interested in the birth, the result is more pronounced: a quarter (26%) of Britons choose Pippa Middleton as their most preferred godmother. It is not, however, unusual for Royals to have more than one or two godparents, and Zara Phillips, who is also expecting, is in third place with 16% of the ‘interested’ vote.

In the coming days there will be great excitement over the birth of the new Royal. YouGov’s polling shows that women will be the ones watching with the keenest eye, however: 60% of women say they are interested in the birth while only 38% are not; in contrast, 29% of men are interested in the occasion, while more than twice as many (68%) are not.

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