Britons have worst sex in Europe

William JordanUS Elections Editor
June 20, 2013, 12:36 PM GMT+0

People in the UK rate their sexual performance and the quality of their sex lives lowest out of thirteen European nations

YouGov surveyed thirteen European nations on their sexual experiences and found that British people lead relatively varied, if not satisfying, sex lives.

At the top of the ranking in both self-rated sexual performance and the quality of their sex lives is none other than Switzerland, the federal republic better known for the skiing and tennis abilities of its inhabitants than their sexual prowess. Nevertheless, 21% of Swiss people reported their sexual performance to be generally "excellent", and an equal amount gave the same rating to the quality of their sex lives.

In comparison, the United Kingdom came out at the bottom of both rankings. Only 11% of UK adults think they excel at sex and a sobering 21% say the quality of their sex lives is "not at all good" - the most of any nation surveyed.

Sex Map of Europe

Interestingly, the Swiss were not most experimental. In fact, UK adults were more likely than Swiss adults to have experimented with sex toys (33% in the UK and 28% in Switzerland) and costumes (11% and 6%, respectively). People in the UK were also more likely by a margin of 11% to think about sex once an hour or more.


However, when it comes to sex-related acts like infidelity, one-night stands and watching pornography, the stand-out leaders in most categories were the Finns and the Danes: Finns were most likely to admit having done eight of the eleven sex acts mentioned in the survey, including three cases where the Finns tied with the Danes - such as having been unfaithful to a partner, which 32% of Finns and Danes admitted to.

The Danes edged the Fins on one-night stands, however, and were the only country of which a majority had engaged in a one-off sexual encounter. Another Scandinavian country, Norway, was the only country to have beat out Denmark and Finland on any of the activities, as 35% of Norwegians have sent a sexual explicit text, or 'sext'. In the UK only 22% of all adults have sexted, though as YouGov previously reported, nearly half of Britons aged 18-24 have done so.

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