Liberal Democrats popular all-round?

April 21, 2010, 12:36 AM GMT+0

One would be forgiven for thinking that there is not a single news website, programme, newspaper or political magazine that has been without updates of the ‘Cleggmania’ sweeping across the country. The Lib Dems climbed to a high of 33% in the voting intention polls this week, and it seems that this figure could be higher if Clegg’s party were perceived by the majority to have a significant chance of winning the General Election come May 6th. Just under half the country (49%) would vote for the Liberal Democrats if they were seen to have a reasonable chance of winning. Only 25% would vote for the Conservative party in these circumstances; a comparatively meagre 19% would vote for Labour.

An impressive 29% of the public would be ‘delighted’ to see a Liberal Democratic government after the next election, while a further 38% claimed they wouldn’t mind. Only slightly fewer (25%) say they would be delighted if a Conservative government rose to power on May 6th, but in contrast to the Lib Dems they are not supported by as many who ‘wouldn’t mind’ (20%). Only 18% would be delighted to see a fourth term for a Labour government.

Indeed, the current wave of popular opinion supporting the Lib Dems also extends to the much-debated possibility of a hung parliament. 49% would be either delighted or wouldn’t mind a coalition between the Lib Dems and Labour; 42% thought the same of a Lib Dem-Conservative coalition. A three party coalition, however, including all three parties, proved less popular with the public – only 32% would be delighted or wouldn’t mind this outcome.

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