Bilderberg Group: unknown and unpopular

William JordanUS Elections Editor
June 10, 2013, 4:49 PM GMT+0

Only about one fifth of voters know anything about the Bilderberg Group, but more than half of those who do know about it think negatively of it

Today Labour MP Michael Meacher tabled an urgent question in the House of Commons on the attendance of George Osborne and David Cameron at the annual conference of the secretive Bilderberg Group, which took place in Watford this year. Meacher said that the private gathering of world political and business leaders was “not a conspiracy” as some have claimed, but continued that it was an “anti-democratic cabal”.

YouGov research shows that the Bilderberg is mostly unknown to Britons, and most of those who do know about it have a negative impression of it.

Just over one third (35%) of British adults have heard of the Bilderberg Group, but only about one in five know anything about it – including only 3% who know "a lot about who they are and what they do".

Most (53%) of those who know a little or a lot about the meeting have a negative impression of it.

Kenneth Clarke, who is on the steering committee for the conference, said it was just an “off-the-record, informal discussion” saying of the Commons questions about Bilderberg: “With the greatest respect, this is total, utter nonsense”.

Other attendees to this year's meeting included former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Allied commander in Afganistan and CIA chief David Patraeus, Google chairman Eric Schmidt and Goldman Sachs chairman Peter Sutherland.

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