US for Security, EU for Economy

May 14, 2013, 5:02 PM GMT+0

The American relationship is seen as most important to Britons for security only - economically, it is still Europe that matters

On Monday Prime Minister David Cameron flew away from a row over the United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union, to discuss strengthening EU and American economic relations with President Barack Obama. Today new YouGov research reveals how the British public really view their American and European connections.

Half of all Britons say in terms of security and defence their relationship with America is most important; that stands out against Europe, for which only 17% say the security relationship is most important, and the Commonwealth, for which just 5% view security as paramount to their relationship.

In contrast, the biggest group of Britons (49%) say in terms of the economy their relationship with “other European countries” is the most important, while just over one in ten (12%) say economic relations with the US are most central and 9% prioritise Commonwealth countries.

The Prime Minister made the case to Mr Obama for an EU-US free trade area which he says could be worth ten billion a year to the British economy, as well pushing for an international peace conference on Syria.

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