Not so Famous Faces

May 10, 2013, 1:32 PM GMT+0

Around one in four voters cannot recognise the Chancellor or Labour party leader from a photograph

Which politicians do you recognise? YouGov asked voters to put names to the faces of eighteen top political players. The results reveal the most - and least - recognised faces at the Westminster top table.

Government has a fairly recognisable image, with nearly everyone (95%) able to put a name to Prime Minister David Cameron’s face and 83% able to do the same for William Hague, while the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is close behind with 82% able to match his name to his face. However to more than one in four (27%) the face of Chancellor George Osborne fails to trigger the correct name.

As for some members of the shadow cabinet, they are perhaps deserved of the name; Ed Miliband’s face is unrecognisable to nearly a quarter (23%), almost half of whom (11%) mistake him for his brother, while a third (36%) can’t identify Ed Balls.

Nigel Farage, meanwhile, ranks as seventh most familiar (69%), ahead of many MPs who’ve been in the public eye for years.

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