General Election jumps up the leaderboard

April 08, 2010, 11:00 PM GMT+0

With Gordon Brown’s meeting with the Queen to ask for the dissolution of parliament, the race for No. 10 has at last officially begun and is the new hot topic on the Tygga Leader Board. ‘The General Election’ topic climbed an impressive 27 places from 28th to 7th, in just 24 hours. One ‘tygger’ noted he was ‘pleased it had been finally called’ while another quipped: ‘who is bored already?’

While the general sentiment regarding the election has been good, there are those who have taken the opportunity to voice their dismay with the current status quo. One tygger exclaimed, ‘to borrow an idea from tennis, there should be a way for disgruntled voters to say new candidates, please!' Another noted that the election was a ‘difficult choice as there is no real leader competing’.

Whatever your sentiment, ‘The General Election’ topic is likely to continue its journey up the leaderboard, as the party leaders vamp up their campaigning and are pitted against each other in live debates, the first of which begins next week on ITV.

Meanwhile, Gordon Brown retains his pole position on the Leaderboard with more negative sentiments being tygged about him than positive. As of writing, Brown’s overall score was a dismal -312, with Cameron not far behind at -280, and changing all the time. Nick Clegg’s score was on -5, although this may be a reflection of the fewer numbers of people commenting. The sheer volume of people tygging their views on the main leaders compared to other subjects though, has kept all three in the top five on the leaderboard ever since the confirmation of polling day. It seems that things are really hotting up for what will arguably be the most anticipated election in decades.

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