Farage Tops Leaders Poll

April 26, 2013, 4:41 PM GMT+0

Nigel Farage rated best leader out of top four parties – as almost half say he’s “doing well” and only one in five say he’s “doing badly”

A week after UKIP were marked as heralding a new era of ‘four-party politics’ and were forecast to cause the “most unpredictable local contest for years” in next week’s elections, new YouGov research reveals that its leader Nigel Farage is rated best at leading his own party from the top four contenders.

Nearly half (44%) say Farage is doing “very” or “fairly” well at leading UKIP; more than twice as many as who say Nick Clegg is doing a good job at leading the Lib Dems (21%), the worst of any of the party leaders.

Ed Miliband ranks third, as less than one in three (29%) are happy with his leadership of Labour, while David Cameron weighs in at second: 36% are pleased with his leadership of the Conservatives.

Only one in five say Mr Farage is “doing badly”; less than half as many as who give bad marks to Ed Miliband (56%), David Cameron (57%) and Nick Clegg (69%).

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When asked who would make a better Prime Minister than David Cameron however, Mr Farage fares rather worse: just 11% back the UKIP leader, the same number as who back Nick Clegg, while 27% say Ed Miliband would be better.

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