Public backs BBC on North Korea Documentary

April 16, 2013, 11:59 AM GMT+0

Public strongly backs BBC in airing Monday's BBC North Korea documentary

The London School of Economics has criticised the BBC recently over an episode of Panorama in which reporter John Sweeney poses as an LSE student to bypass North Korea’s ban on journalists and expose “the most rigidly controlled nation on earth”. The LSE has claimed that airing the documentary would put overseas academics “at risk”. The episode was aired last night.

Today YouGov research shows the public reject the LSE’s concerns, with over three in five (65%) saying “the programme should be shown” whilst just one in five (20%) think “the programme should not be shown”.

The finding comes as it is announced that the programme was watched by a fifth of all viewers during its slot (5.1 million), and other YouGov research shows more Britons (44%) think recent threats by Kim Jong-un are merely a political stunt than who think they’re a serious issue (35%).

What do you think of Panorama and the BBC?


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