Germans: We Run Europe. Brits: We Don't

April 12, 2013, 11:28 AM GMT+0

YouGov research reveals that Germans are more than twice as likely than Britons to feel their country is influential in Europe

David Cameron flies to Berlin today for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, where he will attempt to negotiate a new, "flexible" relationship for the UK with the European Union. Merkel has invited Cameron to stay with his family at her 18th Century Baroque palace during the trip, which comes after the PM announced in January that his party would, if re-elected, hold a referendum in 2017 on EU membership.

Ahead of the meeting, YouGov's EuroTrack poll from March 2013 reveals that Germans are more than twice as likely as Britons are to agree that their country “is influential in European affairs”, with 64% of Germans agreeing with the statement compared to 30% of Britons.

Germans are also more likely to feel optimistic about the future of the European Union. Nearly four in ten Germans (38%) feel optimistic compared to 22% of Britons.

Merkel's invitation suggests she has hope for a continued relationship, and Cameron has said the best outcome for Britain is “membership of a reformed European Union”. However, domestic public opinion might leave them both disappointed. While a slim majority of Germans (51%) would vote to remain members of the EU, more Britons (44%) say they would vote to leave than stay in (33%).