Half Support Ceremonial Funeral

April 09, 2013, 4:30 PM GMT+0

New Yougov research shows one in two Britons support Thatcher’s full ceremonial funeral at St Pauls Cathedral

The findings come after widespread controversy over the kind of funeral Lady Thatcher should receive. On April 17th there will be a ceremonial funeral, such as the one granted to Princess Diana. Tory MPs had said she deserved a State Funeral, an occasion usually reserved for senior members of the Royal Family, while others have argued that even the proposed ceremonial funeral would be too much.

YouGov today reveals that one half of the public (50%) think it is “right for her to be honoured in this way”; 32% think it is “wrong” and 18% “don’t know”.

YouGov conducted a similar survey in 2012, and since then attitudes towards funeral arrangements for Lady Thatcher have become more generous. Last year the largest group (44%) supported a “smaller, private funeral”, 37% wanted a “big, public funeral at a major cathedral” and barely a tenth supported a State Funeral (11%).

Lady Thatcher said she didn’t want a State Funeral, calling it “inappropriate”, and had called the idea of a military fly-past at her service a “waste of money”.

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