Special Relationship Strongest Under Thatcher

William JordanUS Elections Editor
April 09, 2013, 9:06 AM GMT+0

YouGov research from July 2010 found that for Britons, Thatcher's relationship with Reagan ranks as the closest in modern times

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Forty-four per cent of the British public thought the relationship between PM Margaret Thatcher and US President Ronald Reagan was the closest of any relationship between modern UK and US leaders, twice the pecentage that said the Tony Blair-George W Bush pairing was closest (22%).

Lady Thatcher and Mr Reagan led each of their nations during a world recession and the end of the Cold War. They are both regarded by many as champions of the free market who changed the trajectory of domestic and international politics (for better or worse, depending on who you ask).

The rapport between the two leaders was well known, and it has been reaffirmed in the media on both sides of the Atlantic since the announcement of Lady Thatcher's death yesterday, following a stroke.

Behind the Thatcher-Reagan and Bush-Blair match-ups, 14% of voters called the relationship between Tony Blair and Bill Clinton closest, while another 4% picked the partnership between Lady Thatcher and George Bush Senior.

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