Welsh receive most spam emails

November 14, 2012, 2:40 PM GMT+0

Welsh tend to receive more spam emails than any other British region, according to a YouGov survey commissioned by Pure360.

People in Wales are more likely to receive spam emails than anywhere else in Great Britain, with almost two-thirds (64%) being sent fake emails from a bank asking for account details.

  • 64% of Welsh people regularly receive fraudulent emails requesting bank details, compared to an average of just over half (55%) of the British public
  • Over half (57%) of those in Wales are sent emails offering penis enlargement, while the British average is 42%
  • More than four in ten (44%) people in Wales frequently receive spam emails about dating agency offers, while the average for the British public is 33%
  • 39% of Welsh people are sent emails with links to fake websites from people who appear to be friends or colleagues, compared to a British average of less than a third (30%)

North Easterns most likely be invited on a ‘fake date’

The poll also reveals that those in the North East are the most likely to be invited on a fake date and people living in London are the most likely to receive retail marketing emails from companies they have not signed up to, as well as emails offering sexual performance enhancement products.

  • 28% of people living in the North East frequently receive spam emails inviting them on a date from an unknown individual, while the British average is 23%
  • Six in ten (60%) Londoners are sent emails from retail companies which they have not subscribed to, compared to an average of 56% of the British population
  • 57% of those living in London receive emails promoting sexual performance enhancement products, compared the a British average of 51%

North East most wary

People in the North East seem to be the most wary, with 60% claiming they have never clicked on spam emails. In contrast, the Scottish and Welsh are somewhat less cautious with spam, with over half (54%) saying they have opened a spam email.

  • Six in ten (60%) people living in the North have never opened spam messages, compared to over a third (34%) who have
  • 54% of Scots say they have clicked on a spam email and 37% have not
  • In Wales, 54% of people have opened a spam email, while 42% have never clicked on a spam message

Welsh most at risk

The survey also shows that the Welsh appear to be most at risk when it comes to spam. Over one in five people (21%) say that they have had their computer damaged after clicking on a spam email, which is almost double the British average (12%).

Abi Jacks, Head of Marketing at Pure360 said: “Email spam remains a significant problem in the UK. The fact that 56% of those surveyed had frequently received unsolicited email from retailers they haven’t signed up to shows that email relevancy should be top of a marketer's list for building trust in their brands.”

Pure360 is a direct digital marketing provider that seeks to improve customer ROI via email and SMS marketing campaigns.

See the full survey results and details here