Men and women: top body woes

August 30, 2012, 3:56 PM GMT+0

Recent YouGov SixthSense report finds 'stomachs' and 'excess weight' two things UK men and women dislike most about their bodies

The report, around body image and attitudes towards surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, found that women tend to be more self-critical.

  • Around two-thirds (67%) dislike their stomach
  • Nearly six in ten (57%) are unhappy with their weight, compared with 45% and 38%, respectively, for men.

Women were also found to dislike their hips (42%) thighs (47%), and 46% are dissatisfied with their body shape in general.

Men in the UK were also found to be unhappy with their teeth.

  • More than three in ten (31%) say they dislike them
  • 24% say they would seriously consider having their teeth whitened
  • While 12% say that they would consider having them straightened

Although men and women are equally likely to object to cosmetic procedures on principle, six in ten (60%) men, and four in ten (43%) women have not had, and would not consider, any type of cosmetic procedure.

When it comes to reasons why people would not consider having a cosmetic procedure more women than men have specific concerns: around half of women (48%) are concerned that they might look too fake/plastic, three in ten (30%) are worried that something might go wrong, and the cost of the procedure is an inhibiting factor for nearly three in ten (28%) women.

Among those consumers who have had a facial cosmetic procedure, nearly one in four (38%) said they did so because they were dissatisfied with the way they currently looked.

  • Around a third (32%) had it done in order to make them feel more comfortable
  • Just under a quarter (23%) wanted to look more attractive
  • Overall, four in ten (40%) would consider some form of facial cosmetic procedure

Commenting on the findings YouGov SixthSense Research Director James McCoy said: "While it is unlikely that many of those who refuse cosmetic procedures could be converted, it is worth noting that many women who say they would not have it done have specific concerns relating to the perceived outcome, costs and the possibility of something going wrong.

Marketing and other information that addresses these concerns and reservations of consumers may possibly have an effect in convincing some to give cosmetic procedures a try."

The findings also suggest that there is a large potential market for cosmetic dentistry, particularly among men.

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